Yoga Calm Principle-based Class Plan

December 2nd, 2011;

Preschool Classroom

Teacher: Stefanie Bauer

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening Class Plan

Music: “Body and Soul- Relaxing Moods”

• Belly Breathing with Hoberman Sphere: 3 deep breaths while standing up. Three children take turns role modeling. “What does it feel like when your belly fills up with air?” “Feel your body”.

• Sensory Adventure- Demonstrate first with a child. Find a partner and walk carefully in the room. Make sure they keep their eyes closed… Have your partner feel three things. Ask them what they felt before opening their eyes. Switch 10-15 min.

• Compliment Game- The person inside the circle is being comlimented. Lets tell Eric what he did well during the walk or maybe something else you like about him or something he does well. Put teacher in circle too. 5-10 min.

• Roots– Hold you body firm and straight. Keep feet straight and roots your feet into the earth. Rock forward and back, side to side. Make circles. Notice what your body feels like…does it feel different? Keep a calm breath. Close eyes. How do you feel now? 1-2 min.

• Warrior I– Let’s be a warrior or superhero. Stand tall, then take right foot back, stay strong while reaching your arms up… 1 min.

• Warrior II – Let’s become another warrior or superhero. Turn your left foot in and right foot all the way to the right, like so. Breathe your arms in and breathe out when you bend the knee. Switch. Notice your body. How does it feel? 1-2min.

• Forward Bend – Stand tall and firm. Breathe in and then breathe out while you bend at the hips and reach for your toes or legs. Can you touch the ground? How does that make your body feel? 2-3 min.

• Chair- Reach your arms up and bend your knees, pretend you are sitting on a chair.  30 sec.

• Rock and Roll –Lay down on your mat. Crab your legs and rock back and forth… Feel your back on the mat and the air. Move side to side.  30 sec-1 min.

• Belly Breathing with Hoberman Sphere: 3 deep breaths while sitting up. Three children take turns role modeling. How does your body feel now after yoga practice? “Feel your body”.  2-3 min.

• Brief Progressive Muscle Relaxation –Squeeze and relax

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