Instructor: Theresa Mare

Community: Preschool: Head Start and Special Education

Plan Creation Date: April 14, 2009

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Lesson Plan:


Hoberman seated (5x): Now, close your eyes and continue to breathe in and out of your nose.

Listening: Pay attention to your breath and feel how the strength of your muscles helps you to sit up straight. Try gently breathing into your back. Continue to breathe and I am going to walk around and put my hand on your backs to help you focus your attention to this part of your body.

Grounding: Volcano breath seated. Think about someone you want to be strong for today. Maybe you have a friend of a family member who is sick or sad. When you explode your volcano send that person some get well wishes.


Mat 10

Crescent Moon: (Week 1) Spread your fingers apart and notice the space, now try spreading your toes out the same way. Balance on one foot and then the other foot. Pretend that your foot is sending roots underground to support you. Feel how strong your body is. Remember to keep your arms out like an airplane for support.

Modified Dancer

Tree pose:(Week 2) Shift your weight into left foot. Put your hands at your heart. Slowly lift your foot off the ground (ankle, shin, thigh). Try on other side.


Partner Pull: (Week 1) Seated criss-cross keep sitting bones on the floor, hold friend’s wrist and gently pull forward.

Tree Circle: (Week 2) Make a circle holding hands, then bend at elbows and drop hands to be at about the correct distance apart. Place palms of hands together with the person on each side of you. Lift right leg up in Tree Pose. Press into each other’s hands and use each other for support. Switch legs and repeat.


Progressive Relaxation: Tense and Release all the muscles start with feet and go all the way to head.

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