Instructor: Theresa Mare

Community: Preschool/Head Start and Special Education

Plan Creation Date: May 19, 2009

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Lesson Plan:


Start in Child’s pose. Listen to the sound of your breath as in goes in and out of your body. Relax and enjoy the rhythm of breathing. Let your body completely relax as you focus only on your breath.

Slowly roll onto your back and belly breathe for three breaths. Take a pulse count. Remember when your body is calm and relaxed your pulse will be slow and when you are active or upset, it will beat faster. Bend knees, twist to each side.


Roll side to side and come up to a seated position. Shrug shoulders, side stretch, star, volcano breath and share who you sent some happy thoughts to today.

Sit back to back with a friend. Feel their breath as it moves in and out of their body. Try to breathe together for five breaths. Now choose which one of you will make a sound (sing, talk or just say “hah”). Ask your partner where in the back they felt the sound and what did it feel like. Switch. Look at your partner and tell them thank you for being your partner today.

Exploring Feelings Game: Sit in a circle or on mats. Teacher will toss the beanbag to a student and when they catch it ask the child, What is your favorite food? activity? color? toy? animal? flower? What makes you happy? How does your body look when you are angry? happy? sad? tired?


Personal Space Game: Ask for two volunteers. Place the children 10-12 feet apart facing each other. Ask student one to walk toward student two, as student one approaches, student two will raise his hand when he feels his personal space is being invaded. Switch. Divide kids into two groups and then switch up the groups. Talk about personal space and how and why one person’s may be different from another’s  (gender, size, age, culture, height, mood).

One-minute exploration with Mindful Moment Listening Card. Your body can help tell you what it needs to stay healthy. Listen to your body and think of one thing that helps you stay healthy and strong. Share.

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