Instructor: Abbie Rexroad

Community: Preschool Ages, School Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: October 23, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – Lie on back with hands on tummy. Observe how still your belly is when you lay quietly on the floor. Now take a deep breath in and watch your belly rise and watch your belly fall as you breathe out. Repeat 5x.
  • Hoberman Sphere Breathing – Take long deep breaths and focus on the stillness in each breath. Take turns with each child holding the ball for 2 breaths.


  • Upward Mountain – Find stillness in your body while holding this pose.
  • Crescent Moon – Lean to the left and to the right, imagine the moon shining brightly in the sky.
  • Forward Bend – Take long deep breaths and relax your body, finding stillness within.
  • Star –Arms stretching out towards your neighbor, stand very still in this pose. Think about the stars up in the sky at nighttime and how still and quiet they are in the sky while we are sleeping. Repeat this sequence 4x.


  • Calm Voice Game/Worksheet – (pg. 107) Read each line individually and allow the class to raise their hands and answer.
  • Belly Breathing – Place hands on belly and take 3 deep breaths, focusing on having very calm bodies and watching your tummy rise and fall with each breath.
  • Relaxation – Close by reading the story “Goodnight Moon”.

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