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Instructor: Mina Leierwood

Community: Pre-Kindergarten – 3rd Grade, School Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: January 1, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness

Title: L-O-V-E

Art Standards: L shape, O shape, V shape, E shape, heart.

Works of Art/Art Forms: Body Bliss Alphabet (by Mina)

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – Choose the two calmest students, sitting so nicely. “Look how calm they are! Like a calm lake in summer. Will you lead us with the Breathing ball?” One student leader for the breathing ball chooses how many breaths to take. Another student counts the breaths. “What do you think, students? How did they do?” “I thought they did a good job.”
  • Seated Stretches – Sit like the letter L. Breathe in, stretch up, stretch up, stretch up… let it out. Make a round shape with your body like a circle. Your arms are a circle, your legs are a circle. Now your mouth! Make the ‘Oh’ sound.


  • Boat Pose – Make a small V. If you can raise your arms, great! If you can raise your legs, you are doing the big V (boat pose) and you are super strong! Can you do it???? If the big V is too hard, just do the small v (knees bent, arms holding) “Look at her! Look at him! They are so strong!”
  • Table Top – Kneel in the letter E shape. Knees point, hands point, head down. Look at your hands. What word are we spelling?” L-O-V-E “Since it is Valentine’s week, LOVE is the theme of the week!”
  • Community Circle Worksheet – Pass out circle worksheet and pencils. Now here is a circle. In the center, right your name. This is you in your community. Now who are the people you see everyday? (Students answer) Write their names around the edges. Now, who do you see only once in a while? (Students answer.) Write their names in this outer circle. Hand out colored pencils. Here is a heart to go in the center of the circle. (Hand out heart templates.) Put it on your name and draw a heart around you. To love anyone else, you have to love yourself first. Love starts in your heart and then can travel out to all these people. I’m giving all my students a heart, because I love and care for all my students, even the naughty ones! Even the jumpy ones. Even the quiet ones. I want you to grow up with strong bodies, strong hearts and strong imaginations! Now color your circle and add as many hearts as you want. Give away extra paper with Body Bliss letters as students ask for it.


  • Reflection/Closure – Return to the circle. Bring your artwork. Sit in the circle and show your projects to your friends. Shhhhh…put your hand on your heart. You can make a special valentine’s wish. This is valentine’s week. You can make valentines and send a message of LOVE to friends and family. But to love anyone else, you have to love yourself first. Take good care of yourself, and then take care of your family and friends.
  • Evidence of Learning, measures of success: Were the students able to calm down for the final wish? Did all students complete the project and leave with a smile? Yes, yes, yes = Success

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