Population/Setting/Length: Pre-K - Grade 5 Ages, School Setting, 45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: 1/14/17

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Grounding

Materials/Resources: Class Preparation: place a rock at the top of each person's mat (this may be dependent on the instructor’s feeling of whether or not the students in the particular class can handle this without becoming distracted by it


  • Belly Breathing with Hoberman sphere (discuss sitting like a king/queen, start once all children are making eye contact with teacher):
    • Teacher leads the children through belly breathing with Hoberman sphere for 5 breaths, counting to show the timing
    • Student leads with a helper counting, leader chooses # of breaths between 5-10.
    • Compliments for the two student leaders
  • Belly Breathing while lying on backs. Place rock on the belly so that they children have an object to help quide their breathing. (“As you breathe in, fill your belly with air, making your rock rise up on your belly. As you breathe out, let the belly pull back in; your rock pulling down towards your mat…. Allow the weight of your body to be anchored into the mat. The ground beneath you is supporting you as you focus your attention over and over to your breath.”)
    • Use the drum to count inhalations and exhalations. 4 beats in, 4 beats out. Encourage the children to notice the pause in between breaths
  • Leg Stretches – Raise leg straight up into the air, while other lays flat on the ground or knee is bent and foot planted onto mat. Rotate ankle on extended leg. (“Draw your rock in the air with your toes.”). Switch legs.


  • Volcano Breath standing – “As your feet are grounded into your mat, imagine that your breath is rising from the earth–  up through your feet, legs, belly, and up threw your arms like a volcano rises from deep within the earth.”
  • Flow Practice:
    • Mountain: standing strong and firm into the ground, head lifting up toward the sky.
    • Warrior 1: “In this moment, you have all you need to stand with strength and confidence in this pose. Show that you can be brave in this strong pose.”
    • Warrior 2: use the drum to count holding this pose for several counts. (“Even if it is hard, you can stay strong. Don’t resist what is difficult. Relax into it. You can do it.”)
    • Turn feet inward, Star pose. Bring hands to hips and fold forward bringing hands to the mat. Keep right hand on the ground while gently twisting to reach left hand up to the sky. Hold. Repeat on left side. Hands to hips, rise up. Star pose.
    • Warrior 2
    • Windmill arms down to the ground and step back into Downward facing dog. Walk the dog, bending one knee and then the other.
    • Plank— Cobra—Downdog
    • Step right foot forward, rise up into Warrior 1
    • Return to Mountain

(Repeat on 2nd side)

  • Roots Activity – “Close your eyes and feel your roots anchored into the ground, think of those people in your life who make you support you and make you feel safe. They help you to feel grounded into the present moment. Imagine them here with you now. Helping your feet to anchor into the ground.” 
  • Tree Circle – use drum to count 10 on each foot. “How is your friend next to you supporting you to hold this pose?” Talk about how trees in a forest are protective of one another. Together they keep each other safe when there are storms. “How can we be good friends to one another and support one another?”


  • Child’s Pose
  • Relaxation Pose – again placing rock on belly. “With each breath, allowing the mat and ground beneath you to support your whole body to relax down. Let all of your muscles relax, from your feet, all the way up to your face and the top of your head.” Read grounding mindful moment card:
    • “Imagine that you could create a special room or place just for you. It would be a place that would feel safe and cozy. Think about what that space would look like. Imagine it in your mind. Can you see a picture of it? What color would it be? What kinds of things would you put in this place that is your safe, special place? You could be alone in this space or those people in your life who you feel keep you safe could be with you. Maybe you would have pictures of the most important people in your lives in this space. Maybe there are special smells that make you feel cozy and warm that would be in this place? Your favorite meal, the smell of a cookies baking? Are there sounds that you hear in this special place? Maybe soft music, maybe the purring of kitty cat that you are petting? Imagine yourself feeling safe and cozy in your own unique special place. Notice how you feel in this moment in that place. Let’s carry this feeling with us as we move into our next activity for the day.”
  • Singing bowl to silence – Quietly come to a comfortable seated position, keeping eyes closed. Close eyes, ring signing bowl. Open eyes when the ringing stops.  Encourage the children to look around the room and make eye contact with their friends, thanking them with for supporting one another in practicing yoga together.

Instructor:  Kathleen Hicks

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