Instructor: Bijoli Biswas

Class: Morning Focus Group, 30-40 Minutes

Community: Mixed ages, Grades 1-5

Plan Creation Date: April 15, 2010

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Lesson Plan:


Volcano Breath & Arm Swings: Choose a student to lead Volcano Breath. Next do Breath with Arm Swings from standing turn palms outward and raise arms out and to the side then overhead, add drumbeat and let arms come up for 8 beats and down for 8 beats as students focus on breathing in and out. After a few rounds have them continue but had positive statements (Strong, Control, Responsible, Can-do).


• Sun Salutation: (3 times with different leaders) Focus on activation and strength. Work on alignment principles – bear paw hands, activated core, feet strongly rooted in standing positions. Use positive self talk statements if various strength positions – “I am strong”….

EagleFrom standing, bend knees slightly, as in chair. Lift your right leg off the floor and cross your left knee tightly over right knee, hug your foot into your shin of hook the toes of your left foot behind your right calf. Spread your arms like wings and take them overhead. Bend your elbows and hook our left elbow under the right elbow in front of your heart. Lift elbows up and stretch your figures toward the sky. Repeat on other side. Some students may practice Eagle on a cliff.

• Woodchopper: Strengthen diaphragm with breathUse voiced exhalation – Huh – to chop a piece of wood. After a couple of swings, focus on negative self statements that come into your mind that you say to yourself. Replace them with strength statements: Say “I am Strong” then swing a big heavy ax with all your intent and focus with a powerful huh, and imagine slicing up that negative language and negative thoughts.

•  Strong Voice: Lie on back with eyes closed. Read Strong Voice Worksheet. Have students complete worksheet. Share and reflect on students’ responses.


Belly Breathing: Lying on back, breathe into belly, focus on breath, eyes closed to calm. Use one-minute exploration card. Example: “Some people say that hardship makes a person stronger. Why do you think this? Have you had hardships that have made you stronger?”

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