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Instructor: Anne Byer

Community: Middle School Students with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, School Setting, 45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: February 24, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – with Hoberman Sphere – (student Volunteer as Anne is talking through inhalation and exhalation and setting up the breathing technique)
  • Child’s Pose – Relax the body, descending your trunk toward the floor and while also pushing backwards, extend arms gently and rest head on the floor or fists


  • Mountain Pose
  • Upward Mountain Pose – extend side body and arms and hands to the sky, activate your muscles, feeling the energy moving all the way through and out of your finger tips
  • Triangle Pose – to the Right- extend trunk toward the side wall, activate right arm strongly to the side wall and then support is on thigh or calf, extend left hand to the sky activating arm muscles and energy through fingers. Hold for 10 counts. Tell yourself “I am strong”
  • Triangle Pose – Repeat Triangle Pose to the Left with same directions
  • Mountain Pose – same directions as above
  • Warrior 2 – to the Right- Turn your left foot slightly in, right foot toward the side wall and bend your right knee. Extend your trunk so it’s straight and lengthen your arms to the side. Feel the strength and energy in your arms as you activate through the finger tips. Hold for 10 Counts. Tell yourself, “I have a future and a past, but I am here, right now, strong and capable”
  • Warrior 2 – to the left- Repeat Above Instructions
  • Forward Fold – bend your knees slightly and fold forward at your lips, completely letting your head and neck relax.
  • Downward Dog – Start on hands and knees, spread your palms wide feeling the strength on all four corners of your hands. Push back side to the rear wall with your legs and sit bones, strongly extending your arms and keeping your hands strongly grounded into the mat. Hold for 10 counts. Tell yourself “I have a strong body and a strong mind. I can do this.”


  • Child’s Pose – Relax your body by folding your trunk over your legs as you slightly extend your arms and let your head rest on the mat or your fists. Focus on relaxing your body over the support of your legs
  • Twist – Lay on your back for supine twist to the right. Tell yourself that even when things get twisted around and confusing, “I am still capable and strong and can handle what comes my way. Repeat twist on the left side.
  • Relaxation – Corpse pose with stone on diaphragm if desired. Body scan for muscle tension. Relax in silence for 5 minutes.

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