Instructor: Donna Fischer

Community: Middle School Counseling Group

Plan Creation Date: July 6, 2012

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Grounding

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing: Student demonstrates and picks the count for the class with the Hoberman sphere
  • Other student completes the count to help the leader
  • Pulse count: Lie on back


  • Rock & Roll: Feel the strength of the ground below as you rock back and forth
  • Boat: Hold your hands next to your knees and look ahead to the green around you
  • Volcano Breath: Listen to our breath, hold and release it
  • Arm Swings: Raise your arms up above your head and release back down; pretend to be a graceful bird flying through the trees outside
  • Sun Salutation: (2x) Include Mountain, Upward Mountain, Forward Bend, Bent Knee Lunge, Downward Dog, Plank, Cobra, Downward Dog, Bent Knee Lunge, Warrior 1, Warrior II, Forward Bend, Chair. Focus on listening to our bodies as well as the instructor, focus on the physical feelings associated with each pose as well as listen to the emotions coming up during the activities.
  • Roots: Anchor yourself to the ground.
  • Tree Pose


  • Come to floor and lie on you back: Completely calm for 30 seconds
  • Twist
  • Mindful Moment Card: Grounding; read and allow time to reflect
  • Strong Voice activity/worksheet: Process activity

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