Population/Setting/Length: Middle School Ages, School Setting, 1 hour

Plan Creation Date: 2/24/16

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Gtrength


  • Chime, upbeat music, dim lights.
  • Mountain – Ask students to stand in mountain pose.  Explain the strength of a mountain comes from the inside.  Encourage students to root and activate their muscles.  Briefly discuss how inner strength and outer strength work together.  When we exercise it builds inner confidence.  When we use positive self-talk we are more likely to carry ourselves more erect and confident this improves our posture and helps us feel stronger physically.  Explain and ask students to set an intention.  Ask them to focus on something they would like to bring into their lives during the yoga class.  Let them know you will remind them during the class to reflect on their intention.
  • Belly Breathing – Use Hoberman sphere in mountain pose, having students volunteer to demonstrate breathing with ball and someone else to count to 4 on inhale and up to 4 on the exhale.  Ask students to complement each other for their efforts. Ask a student to come up front and model alignment for mountain pose.  Briefly explain activate and expand in mountain pose.  If it is ok with the volunteer turn them around and show the spot between the shoulder blades where we are asking them to draw their shoulder blades together.  Complement volunteer


  • Mountain Sequence – Move from mountain to upward mountain urging students to check their alignment.  Feet in a # 11, shoulders back and down, standing tall.  Move into star and again urge students to activate and expand their muscles. Move into crescent, both sides, try to mirror students.  Shoulder rolls and sit in chair pose and add arm swings and positive self-talk-“I am strong. I can do it”.
  • Mat 20 – Lead Mat 20 on the right side and then ask for a volunteer to stand in front and model the middle sequence on the second side.  Leader continues to direct students and give alignment cues throughout as needed.  Ask fellow students to give compliments to volunteer.  Step back into mountain and reflect on ones intention for a moment.  Explain how setting an intention builds inner strength as we gather energy within ourselves.
  • Eagle Pose – Model eagle pose and have students try it on both sides explaining that it is a complicated pose and takes practice to build the strength and coordination to refine the pose.
  • Mat Tag – Leader gave much directions during lesson so allow students to play in Mat tag game.  Let students take turns directing slow, medium, and fast and what type of movement, hopping, skipping, backwards. As game ends, explain how building muscles can be fun.
  • Bridge Pose – Ask students to return to their mats and lay on the floor.
  • Twist – Move them into bridge pose offering for them to use the strength from the earth to lift them up and then do spinal twists on both sides urging them to pause and breathe fully in the twists.


  • Belly Breathing – Ask them to now lay quietly and breathe in strength and breath out calm.  Repeat two or three times.
  • Pulse Count – Ask students to find their pulse and do pulse count. It helps us become stronger as we monitor and learn to regulate our bodies.
  • Relaxation – Use the chime and wait until it completes and then read the meditation Self Portrait.  Afterwards ask them to wake up their bodies slowly then grab their calves and roll into a ball rocking back and forth.  Then ask them to rock into a seated position.  Thank them for their awesome participation.  So much strength and power in the room.  Ask them to bring their hands to their hearts and each name one of their own strength, inner or outer strength.   Plan the next meeting and send them on their way hopefully taller and stronger.

Instructor: Lauren Piserchia

Words: We can build our strength from the inside as well as the outside

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