Population/Setting/Length: Middle School Ages, School Setting, 1 hour

Plan Creation Date: 2/5/16

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness


  • Nature music, and lavender scent and lights dimmed.
  • Zebra Story – while students are standing, then demonstrate and ask students to copy-shaking whole body to reset parasympathetic nervous system.  Laughter used to encourage kids to join in and be silly and allow themselves to plant their feet and then shake their entire bodies.
  • Belly Breathing – Students asked to sit and take turns doing belly breathing with Hoberman sphere one student counts while another student demonstrates the breath with the ball, then students are asked to compliment each other for their efforts.  Then students encouraged to lie down and put one hand on belly and one hand on chest and do natural breathe Inquiry.  I then explain the importance of learning to bring the body to stillness and all the benefits of being still.


  • Rock and Roll/Boat – Students asked to roll back and forth in a ball and explain how this massages the back.  Then students to rock into boat pose.  Repeat this pose a few times giving options-bent legs with hands on back of thighs, hands off thighs and third option, legs straight, explaining that it’s important to listen to our bodies and do the pose in the way that respects our bodies.
  • Mountain – Show students how to transition from boat to mountain.  Focus on grounding-explain 4 points of feet-rock back and forth, and left to right on feet to connect with the ground.  Feel rooted or connected to your mat and floor/earth beneath you.
  • Volcano Breath – Lead volcano breath 3 times and move into star, then Tree. Discuss how we can activate our muscles.
  • Activate/Relax Game – Play activate game after leading first couple rounds encourage students to lead and choice slow, medium or fast and what type of movement.
  • Mountain Sequence – Then back to mountain pose and focus on breath.  Move to upward mountain, then forward fold take few breaths here and be aware of feet in # 11 position and being still for 3 breaths.  Next lift to chair, then back to forward fold, go to downward dog and take 3 breaths.  Next move to plank and then knees, chest, chin.  Take 3 breaths then move into cobra making hissing sounds as they lift from their hips 3 times.
  • Twist – Roll over and do twist.  Explain how gentle movement allows us to better listen and gain increased awareness of our inner self.


  • Pulse Count – Students asked to lie on their mats and do the pulse count.  Instructions given.
  • Relaxation – Next explain to students what a guided meditation is and ask them to relax their bodies and close or lower their eyes, use their imagination to picture the story as it is being read to them.  Trip to the Beach.  After journey students encouraged to wiggle fingers and toes and stretch arms over head, then turn on to their side and sit up all very slowly.
  • Read Story – “Offer your Heart” by Yogi Amril Desai.  Ask students to send positive messages to someone they care about.  Explain that students can use the ways they calmed themselves in class also at other times in their lives.  Ask them when they might use something they learned today.  Thanks students for their participation and plan when to meet for next yoga class.

Instructor: Lauren Piserchia

Goal: Gaining Inner Self-Control

Words: ” I can calm myself”

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