Population/Setting/Length: Middle School Ages, School Setting, 1 hour

Plan Creation Date: 3/16/16

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening


  • Set the mood with ocean music, large conk shell in middle of circle, and lights dimmed.
  • Belly Breathing – Ask students to take a comfortable seated position. Discuss 3 part breath. Ask students to listen to the air as it enters their nose, goes down their throat into their lungs and into their belly.  Then continue to listen on the exhale as the air exits the belly and the lungs and goes up the throat and out the nose. Use Hoberman sphere and have students take turns leading the breath and another student doing the counting.
  • Pulse Count – Then do pulse count.  Explain how this is another way to listen to our bodies.  Ask each student to name one thing they are grateful for in their lives.


  • Volcano Breath – In seated pose do volcano-breath 3x.
  • Crescent Moon – Then side stretch.  Encourage students to notice and listen to the sides of their body as they stretch their side body and to notice how it feels.
  • Twist – Then have them do a twist and again listen to their bodies as they move their hips, torso and shoulders to the left and the right.  Explain the importance of honoring our bodies and listening so as not to push ourselves too far and injure ourselves.
  • Mountain Sequence – Move to standing in mountain, then upward mountain, to forward fold.  Check alignment, are feet in a #11?  Lunge right foot back, check alignment knee over ankle.  Move to downward dog then to child’s pose.  Pause here and take 3 breaths.  Explain that this is an ideal position to be quiet and listen to oneself.  It can be used any time during the class whenever one feels they need it.  Lift up to down ward dog and bring right leg forward to lunge. Then into forward fold. Back up to mountain.  This time forward fold to lunge and then Warrior I, II and III on right side. Back to mountain and rest for 3 breaths.  Then do lunge on left leg and into Warriors I, II and II on left side.
  • Trust Walk – Move into game Trust Walk.  Model how to move student around area while their eyes are closed.   Then pair up students and have them take turns directing each other.  Use calm voice and coach them because this may be uncomfortable and scary for some students. After completing game, complement students for being kind and keeping each other safe.
  • Back Drawing – Next have students sit in circle and do back drawing.  This is another way that we can feel with our bodies if we listen carefully.


  • Belly Breathing – Ask students to quiet themselves now by laying down on their mats.  If they are comfortable they can close their eyes and focus on their breath.  Listen again to the breath enter and exit on the inhale and the exhale.  Be aware of the body touching and connecting with the mat and the earth beneath it.  Let the body be heavy as we relax and calm ourselves.
  • Relaxation – Now tell the story of the Magic shell meditation.  Ask students afterwards to slowly wake their body up and move into a seated position.  Ask students to report to the class which part of class helped them to listen to their body better.  Then have students bring their hands to their hearts and thank them for coming to class and plan for next class.

Instructor: Lauren Piserchia

Words: We can listen to ourselves in many ways

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