Population/Setting/Length: Middle School Ages, School Setting, 1 hour

Plan Creation Date: 3/8/16

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Grounding


  • Earthy music with drum beat, lavender and dim lights.
  • Belly Breathing – Ask students to take a seat and start belly breathing.  Allow one child to choose who does demonstrating and who does counting and how many times to do Hoberman sphere and belly breath.  Then ask for complements.
  • Pulse Count – Lead pulse count. Ask students to identify something they each feel right now in their bodies.  Explain that when we take the time to connect with our bodies and one way is to use our breath, and another is to listen to our pulse, that we feel more aware and can better communicate with our bodies.


  • Volcano Breaths – Students to do 3 volcano breaths and gentle neck rolls, seated side stretched, twist and then move into table.
  • Child’s Pose – Pause and have them ground in child’s pose.  Remind them of the benefits and that it is there when they need it any time as a helpful place to listen to their bodies.
  • Table – Move back into table and explain grounding hands by focusing on the 4 points and use mascot cougar concept to spread finders like a cougar’s paws.
  • Cat/Cow – Start with cat/cow and then grounded our leg and hand so alternate leg/arm extension.  Breathing in as we extend and breathing out as we bring elbow and knee together.  Repeat on opposite side.  Ask students if their bodies feel up to doing it again?
  • Downward Dog – Move into downward dog and focus on alignment as they take 3 breaths here.  Remind them to ground their feet and hands.  Have them first to focus on their feet and then on their hands noticing if all four points are connected to the mat.
  • Forward Fold – Ask students to bring their right leg forward and then their left into forward fold.  Encourage them to check to see if their feet are in a# 11?  Have them shake their heads yes and no.
  • Chair and Mountain – Lift into chair and then into mountain.  Check alignment because we feel strong and connected to our bodies when we bring our shoulders back and stand tall.
  • Dancer Pose – Direct students into Dancers pose on both sides.  Explain that it is a pose that we will get better at as we practice and that we can always use a wall for support.
  • Block Creek – Setup the blocks for the Block Creek game.  Let the kids try it with their eyes open and then shut.  They may want to repeat it a few times.  Compliment students for helping each other to find the blocks and to safely navigate the course.


  • Leg Stretches – Students asked to lay down on their backs and bring their legs up into the air.  Prompt students to lift their right leg and do foot circles either both directions.  Then ask them to draw their name with their foot in the air.  Ask them to lower their right foot and lift their left and make circles clockwise and then counter clock-wise.  Now write your last name in the air with your foot.  Moving our body is a way to connect to it.
  • Relaxation – Lead students in a Progressive muscle relaxation exercise with their eyes either closed or down-cast.  Ask them to focus on their toes and lead through tightening and then relaxing their body parts from their feet up to their head.  Have them squeeze their face tight like they just ate a lemon.  Reminding them that no one can see them because the lights are low and its fun to be silly.  Ask them to lay quiet for a moment and just feel their bodies touching the floor allowing their body to feel heavy and sink into the mat.  Then ask them to reawaken their body by stretching their arms over head pointing  their toes, then curling up into a ball and rolling to one side.  Take a breath or two here and then coming to a seated position.  Ask them which part of their body was hardest and easiest to relax today.  Have them bring their hands to their hearts and thank them for coming and set up the plan for the next meeting.

Instructor: Lauren Piserchia

Words: Our bodies can teach us many things about ourselves

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