Population/Setting/Length: Middle School Ages, School Setting, 1 hour

Plan Creation Date: 3/10/16

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community


  • Upbeat music, lemon scent for energy and dimmed lights. Thank everyone for helping to setup the room.  How it feels good to work together for a shared goal.  Ask students to sit on their mats.
  • Belly Breathing – Do Belly Breath with ball encouraging others who haven’t volunteered in past to demonstrate Hoberman ball and other students to count.  Have two other students volunteer and do it again.  Urge students to complement each other.
  • Pulse Count – Ask students to do pulse count.  Then encourage them to think about something in their school community that makes them feel good about themselves.  It may be a sport they play, an academic team they compete on, singing in the chorus or having lunch in the cafeteria with their friends.  Offer for them to share their example if they feel like it.  As we do our yoga today, lets’ be grateful for the fun times we have here at Sandburg.


  • Volcano Breaths – In seated position start with volcano breath several times inhaling up, pausing after they raise their arms up and then expanding their arms and bringing their arms down on exhale  and back to their hearts.  Being together with others I care about here in yoga class makes me smile on the inside.
  • Cat/Cow Sequence – Come to table and do cat/cow for a few rounds.  Do opposite arm leg balance on both sides and then move into side plank.  Offer different variations on knee one leg extended but on floor or lifting leg or straightening both legs and rising up lifting the hips. Give complements because side plank is both a difficult balancing and a strengthening pose.
  • Mountain – Rise up into mountain. Remembering to ground feet and adjust posture to stand strong and tall.
  • Warrior – Move into warrior poses; starting with right foot back.  Give alignment cues- knee over ankle, and arms extended like firing lightning bolts.  Legs activated, tail-bone tucked in and core strong.  Ask someone else to model poses on left side while teacher instructs positions.  Ask class to give complements to volunteer.
  • Tree Circle/Tree Challenge – Move into Tree circle and Tree Challenge. Working in groups adds to the fun, remind students.
  • Yes/No Game – Play Yes/No game including the alien part where kids make up signals for yes and no.  Encourage students to complement each other as they figure out the secret object.


  • Back Breathing – If time do back breathe in partners.  Students don’t get a chance to appropriately touch each other in a positive way.  Offer that it may be awkward (middle school kid’s favorite word) at first to touch each other.  Explain how touching can bring people closer together.  In some cultures, people touch in casual ways often. Ask students to lay down and offer to put lavender on their heads.  (They seem to really enjoy this).
  • Relaxation – Read the meditation Endless Stream and then talk students through process of waking their bodies back up and coming to a seated position with hands at heart.  Students prompted to describe something that they have done for someone else and explain how it made them feel.
  • Mindful Snack – Offer a mindful snack that is eating in silence. Tell students that you enjoyed the group activities today and hope they did too. Plan next meeting.

Instructor: Lauren Piserchia

Goal: Community Support

Words: Sharing with others makes me happy

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