Instructor: Lana Urban

Community: Classroom Setting??, Middle School Students

Plan Creation Date: March 5, 2009

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Lesson Plan:


  • Student led Belly Breathing with Hoberman Sphere.


  • Student led Pulse Count. Volunteers share their pulse rate with the class pulse. Short verbal reflection on how pulse count has fluctuated during the course of the Yoga Calm activities.


  • Students fill out Calm Voice worksheet and Community Circle worksheet individually. Set aside for later.
  • Set-up room for Mindful Snack and Final yoga Calm Celebration. Lay mats in a circle. Send students outside to find one flower each and leaf for someone in the class. Upon return, Instructor passes 2 napkins around for students to arrange on their mat. One napkin acts as a placemat, the second as a decorative piece. Students then pass their “nature gifts” one person to the right within the circle to complete their placemat arrangement. Instructor speaks to the importance of slowing down each day and taking time to appreciate not only how we treat our bodies, but what we put into our bodies. Each student is instructed to take one piece of organic dark chocolate, a couple of orange slices, and shortbread four-leaf clover cookies (in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day). Additionally, instructor pours a glass of sparkling cranberry juice for each student in Moroccan tea glasses and passes each one to the right. Once everyone has their meal, every student is asked to share what they enjoyed and/or learned during our yoga calm sessions over the previous 2 months. Once everyone has shared, students slowly savor their snack, taking the time to appreciate every bite. Finally, during the snack, students who wish, share their Calm Voice and Community Circle worksheet. A subsequent discussion follows about the importance of slowing down and reflecting on the relationships around us and our calm voice. Hopefully students found that yoga calm strengthened both their calm voice and their sense of a unified community.

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