Population/Setting/Length: Middle School Ages, After School Group, School Setting, 45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: May 1, 2017

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness


  • Belly Breathing – with the Hoberman Sphere with student leader and student counter and compliments. After hoberman breaths – now close your eyes and continue those slow deep breaths. Imagine the thoughts in your mind are like dry leaves blowing in the wind. Sometimes you may have many thoughts swirling around in your head like leaves on a blustery windy day. However much wind and leaves you have in your brain imagine that with each exhale, the wind calms a little and some of those leaves fall and rest gently on the ground. More and more leaves settle until the air is completely still and the leaves rest motionless on the earth. As we move through practice today, notice when your body feels a sense of relaxed stillness and your mind is feels still.
  • Pulse Count – Lie on your back. Get very still to find and count your pulse. Count for 30 seconds. Share rates. Discuss how your pulse rate is a good indicator of your activity and stress level.


  • Warming Up Flow – Leg extensions/foot circles, leg stretch. upward mountain, crescent moon, downward dog, forward fold.
  • Flow 1 – (leader chooses how many from 2­5, hold poses for minimum 3 breaths) – Mountain, upward mountain, forward bend, warrior I, downward dog, plank, cobra, downward dog, warrior I, forward bend, chair, upward mountain, mountain, tree. As you move through your activities see if you can find that sense of stillness even when the poses are challenging
  • Eagle – In a challenging balance pose, it can be difficult to find stillness. Imagine that you are an eagle, sitting motionless on a branch. Have you ever seen an eagle fly? They rarely flap their wings. Instead they soar and seem to float almost motionless in the sky.
  • Calm Voice – Lie on your back, eyes closed, one hand on your belly, one on your heart. Turn your attention to your breath, filling your belly, then releasing slowly like gentle waves on the ocean. Feel the muscles in your body soften and your body become heavier, sinking into the floor. Notice whether your feel calm in your body and mind. I’m going to use the term “calm voice” to refer to where you find your sense of calm when you call on it. I’m going to ask you a series of questions and I just want you to take a moment to think about the answers. There is not one right answer. Read the questions one the Calm Voice worksheet pausing after each question. Now let’s come to a seated position. Maintaining silence, please write your answers to the questions on the worksheet provided. A llow time for all students to finish, then allow students to share their responses as they are comfortable.


  • Twist – Have students lie on their backs, pull their knees to their chest and let their legs drop to one side. Switch sides.
  • Relaxation – with Imagination Exploration –Visit to a special place in nature or your home, one where you feel relaxed and safe.

Instructor:  Molly Dwyer

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