Population/Setting/Length: Middle School Ages, After School Group, School Setting, 45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: May 1, 2017

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening


  • Belly Breathing – Start lying comfortably on your back – Close your eyes, find your breath. Put one hand on your heart, the other on your belly. Feel your belly rise and fall with your breath. We are going to focus on listening again today – listening to ourselves and each other. When I say listening to ourselves, I mean observing what is happening in our bodies – just like noticing your belly rise and fall with your breath. Noticing where your feel tension. I also mean observing our thoughts. Sometimes business, stress or distress can make us disconnect from our experience and go on autopilot. Simply noticing and acknowledging what is happening in our bodies and what thoughts are swirling around in our heads can release some of the stress. So let’s practice – as you focus on your breath thoughts will flit into your mind. Notice them – “oh I just thought about my math test”—and then let it go with your exhale. See if you can do this for one minute.
  • Pulse Count – Find your pulse, then listen to the rhythm of your heart. Count the beats for the next 30 seconds. Notice your pulse when you breathe in, when you pause and when you breathe out. Does is change during this times or stay the same? Share observations.


  • Warming Up Flow – stay on back. Leg stretch, knees to chest, knee circles.
  • Rock and Roll to Boat Pose x 4 – challenge hold for 10 counts, then 8, then 5, then 3.
  • New Pose – Teach side plank.
  • Flow 1 – Sun salutation – upward mtn, forward fold, warrior I, warrior II, plank, side plank (both sides) cobra, downward dog, warrior I, warrior II, forward fold, upward mtn., chair, mountain. ( flow 2­3 times, last time one movement one breath).
  • Game – samurai (swing noodle high means duck, low means jump) and kamikaze (someone tries to steal the noodle).
  • Pulse Count – has it changed?
  • Share bio poems if time


  • Twist – Have students lie on their backs, pull their knees to their chest and let their legs drop to one side. Switch sides.
  • Relaxation – with Music – One hand on belly one on heart. Just like in the beginning, notice when thoughts enter your mind, acknowledge them, then let the go with your exhale.
  • Pulse Count – did it change?

Instructor:  Molly Dwyer

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