Instructor: Loretta Steckelberg

Community: ???

Plan Creation Date: July 14, 2011

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening & Community

Lesson Plan:

Materials needed: Yoga Calm Posters, Mats, the book Rhinos and Raspberries! Tolderance Tales for the Early Grades


Hoberman Sphere: Student-led

Read “Raspberries! (An American Tale of Cooperation)”; allow students to repeat the traffic noises and animal sounds.


Activate/Relax Walk: Encourage students to think about the animals in the story and how they had to listen to the traffic, ideas from those they partnered with. Have them take on one of the character animals discussed and have them move in that manner (bird, dog, chipmunk, frog).

Pulse Count: Have students share their count if comfortable.

Mountain: How their body is able to be calm, listen for their breath.

Roots: How do their bodies move and allow for support for themselves and others (recall how in the story the animals supported one another).

Shoulder Clock: With a partner, extend arms and move into a clock pattern matching breath. Listen to own body and their partner, providing support and encouragement.

Volcano Breath: Have students listen to their bodies and send a message out with their exhale.


As a class, discuss how others have helped them throughout their day/week. Older students may draw a picture which can be put into a helping booklet or banner, or create a thank-you card.

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