Instructor:  Jamie Sheppard

Community: K – 5 ages, Classroom Setting?

Plan Creation Date: May 1, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Lesson Plan:

Superheroes Save the World

Academic/Therapeutic Goal: Friendship, Doing the Right Thing, Teamwork

Students may play Mat Tag until everyone has arrived.


  • Breathing/Heart Messages – Lying on backs, on mat. One hand on heart and one hand on belly. Sending out Heart Messages to people in your Life you want to keep safe. Share with students that today we are going to tie on our Super Hero cloaks and work together to Save the World! We will fight Evil and overcome and ensure the safety of everyone we love. Ask students for ideas to weave into a story:  Who are we saving? What happened? Where are we? Who is the villain? What did they do? What needs to happen to save everyone?


  • Yoga Top 10 – Go through Yoga Calm Top 10! Do 3 times. With each breath inhale and exhale the strength of that super power. Stand tall. Feel confidence. Let student lead.

1. Belly Breathing – Can blow time backwards!

2. Pulse Count – Ability to hear people’s thoughts.

3. Volcano Breath – Control Gravity

4. Woodchopper – Can cause Earthquakes

5. Mountain – Turns moving objects into Statues

6. Roots – Super human Speed!

7. Crescent Moon – Can turn the Night to Day

8. Modified Dancer – Power of Elasticity

9. Warrior III – Ability to Fly

10. Twist – Power of Invisibility

  • Weave all the students’ suggestions into a story that involves them using their Super Powers (they can pick their favorite one) to Save the World. Incorporate each child’s super power into story.


  • Heroes Pose – Come into a circle in Heroes pose. Share out thoughts and reflections on the experience. How did it feel to be so strong?
  • Strong Voice Activity – (Written, Verbal or Mentally) Walk students through the questions. Using Corpse Pose let them connect their Super Power with their own lives. Share if time allows.

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