Instructor:  Jamie Sheppard

Community: K – 5 ages, Classroom Setting?

Plan Creation Date: May 1, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Lesson Plan:

Listen to your Heart

Academic/Therapeutic Goal: Friendship, Doing the Right Thing, Teamwork

Props/Music: Drum, Happiness Recipe

Intro: Start with “You’re the Best” game—but get it active and fast paced! (Find a partner-make up a special handshake, New partner-special cheer, New partner-special dance, New partner-Look in the eye and say 3 x “You’re the Best” (Jumping in the air, double hi-5.)


  • Pulse Count (Before) – How does your heart beat sound and feel right now? Do you think you can control your heart beat (make it faster/slower)? When we get angry we feel out of control sometimes. Do you think there are ways to regain control?
  • Belly Breathing – with Hoberman Sphere for 10 breaths. Listen to the sound your breath makes coming through your lips.
  • Pulse Count (After) -Thoughts? Did you notice a change? Listen to your thoughts. What are they saying?
  • Close Eyes & Reflect – How did it feel to hear “You’re the Best?” That’s the same feeling when we talk nicely to ourselves. We have our four affirmations (I am___) that we say at every class. Pick one now you think your heart needs to hear the most.


(At the end of each pose we will say our Affirmation out loud as a group; Listening to the beat of the drum with each movement.)

  • Sun Salutation (3 times) – each time holding the pose for longer than the time before. One final time at their own pace. (We have welcomed the sunrise and before us is a beautiful still mountain)
  • Mountain – Up high on the mountain was a beautiful majestic Eagle.
  • Eagle – The Eagle decided to head over lands in search for breakfast.
  • Tree – Flying high over the beautiful trees
  • Child’s Pose (Rock) – Stops at a rushing river—lands on a strong and constant rock.
  • Fish – The Eagle catches a beautiful rainbow colored salmon.
  • Boat – A fisherman in his boat is coming downstream-the Eagle takes off to head home.


  • Breathing – Ask students to lie back flat and imagine they are sitting on the riverbank and get to see the Eagle sitting on the rock. They don’t want to scare the Eagle away—so they have to be very still.
  • Happiness Recipe—Listening to our own heart.
  • Concentric circles (One inner circle facing an outer circle—partnered)- One ? at a time, sharing out. Listening to one another.
  • Conclude with one final: “I’m the Best!”

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