Instructor:  Gayl Staver

Community: Individual therapy with a 13 year old girl with ADHD and OCD, Therapy office, 60 minutes

Plan Creation Date: July 14, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Props/Music Resources Required/Used: Hoberman sphere, Chime, Lavendar spray

Lesson Plan:


  • Breathing – Belly breathing, Back Breathing and Hoberman Sphere: We took turns leading the belly breathing with the Hoberman Sphere.
  • Discussion – Defined strength and the different kinds of strength needed in life. “Think of a time you were strong physically? Strong emotionally? Strong for another person? How can you tell when you are being strong? How can you tell when another person is being strong?”


  • Alignment – Reviewing alignment principles. Demonstrating the four squares on her hands and feet and encouragement to feel those four points of their hands and feet when on the ground.
  • Mat 20 – Leading the girl through the Mat 20 poses with an emphasis on breathing and holding poses feeling her strength. “Feel strong in your body by activating your muscles towards your center. Feel strong roots into the floor and shine your hands up to the sky”.
  • Tree Challenge – When we got to the tree pose we challenged each other with distractions and I explained how we have to be strong often with distractions in our life.


  • Child’s pose – After doing the Mat 20 I had the girl go into child’s pose and explained how this is a good pose to calm down if she has too much energy for a situation or need to ground yourself. “It is a good pose to do before starting a new task. You can calm yourself and be still as you mentally and physically strong and prepared for a new task.”
  • Story telling for relaxation and integration – I told a story with themes of physical and mental strength with tightening (strengthening) and relaxing of her muscles as part of the story.

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