Instructor: Tracy Cohen

Community: High School Special Education

Plan Creation Date: April 25, 2012

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Grounding

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly breathing with the Hoberman sphere for 10 breaths. Sit on your sit bones, feel the floor and ground beneath us supporting each deep breath


  • Bridge: Feel your feet and shoulders grounded into the mat, while your back and torso form a strong bridge.
  • Dolphin: Turn over onto arms and toes and feel the ground through your forearms and toe pads. Hold, activate and breathe deeply.
  • Stand up like a queen or king (strength and dignity).
  • Mountain: Begin to circle around and around, making circles smaller and smaller. What are you circling around? Feel all four corners of your feet gripping the earth.
  • Upward mountain and Crescent Moon: Our grounding allows us to stretch fully side to side.
  • Sun salutation: Twice through; teacher leads the first one; student-volunteer for second. Feel the four corners of hands as well as feet in the plank, down dog, etc.
  • Tree Pose: A tree’s trunk connects to the earth and gives strength to the rest of the tree. Feel how your “trunk” — legs, core, spine — support your branches. Grow your branches from your roots. Extension into Circle tree pose. Can we be grounded together?


  • Rest on your back as you picture your low back nestling into the floor.
  • Guided progressive relaxation tensing and relaxing each body area in turn until entire body is totally relaxed and grounded, sinking into the mat. Feel how the earth supports us all.

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