Instructor: Tracy Cohen

Community: High School Special Education

Plan Creation Date: April 25, 2012

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Lesson Plan:


  • Review of ground rules: Emphasis upon Respect Each Other’s Space (mental space as well) and no competition/no judging.
  • Belly breathing: On back, feeling breath rise and fall. Feel how we all can share the same space, growing stronger together.
  • Volcano breathing: Sending your heart thoughts to someone in this room.


  • Come to Standing: Look around and offer someone a hand, if needed.
  • Tree pose: Feel how your roots (feet) are your support, just as your friends and family support you.
  • Circle tree pose: Explore how we can help each other grow our branches and support one another.
  • Star: Energize and activate from your heart center.
  • Warrior 1: Look ahead toward the future knowing we have the strength from our classmates, friends and family.
  • Sun salutation: Once through; teacher leads, student-volunteer drums. Feel how the drum brings us all together. Reminder that rest poses are always available.


  • Everyone comes together to rest pose on your backs.
  • Imagine floating on a raft to an island in the sun. There on the beach is a group of your favorite people. They are cooking over a fire, playing music, laughing and dancing. When they get too warm from the fire, they swim together in the turquoise waves. The strength and happiness we feel from this wonderful group of people is always there deep in your heart, available at any time you need the support.

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