Instructor:  Kristine Hatfield

Community: High School ages, Life Skills Class

Plan Creation Date: October 10, 2012

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Lesson Plan:

Materials: CD, Yoga Calm Book

Intro: Review Ground Rules

Calm – Play quiet music-

  • Belly Breathing – with Hoberman – Have one student use the Hoberman Sphere while another counts the selected breaths – Have students compliment leader and leader compliment counter
  • Pulse Count – Review pulse counting -check pulse for 15 secs
  • Place hands on legs or desk, close your eyes and listen to the stillness
  • Ask students what they heard while being still


  • Lunge – Teach Lunge behind chair – Stand with legs hip width apart toes pointing forward, hands on the back of your chair – Step back with right leg about 3-4 feet, stay on the ball of your right toe or drop your right knee to the floor – Stretch your right leg back until your left knee is straight above your left ankle – Move your hips forward , lift your belly and heart up – Imagine your head is reaching up to hold your crown – Have students take turns demonstrating Lunge
  • Chair 15 – Go through Yoga Calm Chair 15 through lunges to forward bend ending with Mountain – Request a volunteer student leader – In Mountain, keep feet on railroad tracks, reach arms like lasers to the sky, keep hips over knees and ankles in Forward Bend, pulling up belly
  • Twist – come back to chairs – Put feet on floor hip width apart, press down through feet and sitting bones – Reach up through the top of your head – Reach your left hand up and put it to your right knee – Slowly turn your belly, heart, and head toward the back of your chair, reaching your right hand on the back of the chair – Take a deep breath – On an exhale, come back to center – Now repeat the Twist to the left
  • Compliment the student leaders
  • Pulse Count – Do a pulse check, comparing count with earlier
  • Yes/No Game – Play the Yes/No Game
  • Discuss the benefits of the two kinds of reinforcement at school and home, talk about when positive or negative reinforcement works and when it doesn’t.  Give examples of how both are used in school.


  • Have students sit with hands on legs or table, eyes closed in forward bend
  • Relaxation – Read the Boat Ride relaxation script on pg 136 of Yoga Calm for children emphasizing listening
  • Talk about the Boat Ride experience

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