Instructor: Vincent Hurtado

Community: High School Ages, School Setting

Plan Creation Date: November 1, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Lesson Plan:


  • Mountain – Stand with feet hip-width apart, pointing straight ahead and press them down into the earth. Hands can be alongside the body. Lift belly, head, and heart. Shoulders are back and down. Look straight ahead. Feel the strength that the base of your body provides you.
  • Volcano Breath – Sitting cross legged, place your hands at your heart, palms together, take a slow deep breath through your nose, slowly move your arms over your head, and as you exhale move your arms out to the side and send loving thoughts to a person in your life.


  • Downward Dog – Come to all fours with hands under shoulders and knees under and lightly behind hips. Point fingers straight ahead and spread them like rays of the sun. Press down through the four corners of the hands and feet. Activate and straighten arms. Turn your toes under and press thighs and hips toward the wall behind you. Keep arms straight with head and chest slightly lifting up to create a flat back. Knees can be slightly bent to keep back from rounding.
  • Plank – Come to all fours with knees several inches behind hips. Point fingers straight ahead and spread them like rays of the sun. Press down through the four corners of each hand. Straighten one leg back, turn toes under and place foot on floor. Do the same with the other leg and come into a push-up position with shoulders directly over or slightly behind the wrist. Lift legs, hips, belly, and head until body is straight like a board. Press out through the heels and top of the head. Focus on your breathe. This pose builds strength through your core and arms.
  • Table – Sit up on floor with feet flat on floor, close to hips, hip-width apart, toes pointing straight ahead. Hands are flat on the floor behind the hips a few feet with fingers pointing away from the body. Breathe in, press down through hands and feet, and lift heart and hips up until the front body is parallel with the floor. Top of the head extends away from knees so that top of body is flat like a table. Hold pose for 4 breaths. Repeat 4 times. Notice the strength building in your back body.
  • Superman – Lie on your belly with arms stretched out in front of you thumbs pointing up. Lengthen and lift your right leg. Now lift your left arm, chest, and head. Look slightly down and lengthen from top of head to tail. Switch sides and lift left leg and right arm. Now lift both arms and legs, head, and the chest away from the floor. Reach out strongly out with your arms and legs. Focus on your breathe. Notice the strength building in your back, arms, and legs.


  • Relaxation Activity – How Much Can You Handle? Learning to Breathe page 148.


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