Population/Setting/Length: High School Ages, School Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: 2/3/16

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness

Materials/Resources: Hoberman Sphere, Bell



  • Discussion of the Brain – Fist, Palm ( Hippocampus ) – memory storage.  Favorite childhood memory, worst childhood memory, how to get to school, all the steps and processes to do well on a math test stored here.  Example about listening to directions in class when you are thinking about an event in the morning.   Do you remember  the directions?  Thumb (amygdala) – emotional control center.  What are some emotions?  Happiness, joy, excitement, anger, fear, anxiety, stress, resentment…. Fingers (frontal lobe – prefrontal cortex) – decision maker.  Girls frontal lobe development, boys frontal lobe development.  Discussion about what happens in the brain when we are upset vs when we are calm.
  • Teaching Belly Breathing – How do you feel?  Relaxed, light headed, alert?   Other feelings?



  • Yoga Flow


  • Guided Whole Body Relaxation – I Am Relaxed and Calm p. 76 Relax.calm
  • Affirmations – I feel relaxed and calm.  I can control my own behavior.

Instructor:  Sarah Firkus

Goal:  Teach Belly Breathing, Guided Relaxation to another class to supplement with unit on Stress and Stress management

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