Population/Setting/Length: High School Ages, School Setting, 40 minutes

Plan Creation Date: 2/15/16

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Grounding


  • Belly Breathing
  • One Minute Exploration – Think of a time where You were made a good decision for yourself.  What do you notice about this time?  What did it look like?  Feel like?  Was someone with your or were you alone?  Now imagine an old tree with deep, deep roots.  Imagine that same tree as a yearling.  How did that tree grow so tall and strong?
  • Child’s Pose – Roll over onto your belly and find yourself in child’s pose.  Breathe deep imagining that tree.


  • Downward Dog – walk forward to forward bend.
  • Mountain – Stand slowly to mountain pose, feeling tall, strong, grounded. Plant your roots, stand tall.  Imagine your roots are growing deep into the ground.
  • Tree Pose – (left, right), notice, do you have better balance on one side than another?  Can you imagine your roots growing deeper into the ground as you regain your balance?  (checking for kickstand, calf or thigh, being careful of knees)
  • Community Tree – Is it harder or easier to keep your balance alone or in community tree?
  • Eagle
  • Flying Eagle  
  • Mountain Pose – Noticing how you feel here.  Tall, strong, grounded.
  • Crescent Moon
  • Volcano Breath
  • Forward bend
  • Plank


  • Child’s Pose – Imagine your favorite tree.  Imagine you as that tree and with every good decision you make for yourself your roots are growing deeper, stronger.  You are becoming more grounded.
  • Relaxation – Relax.calm Smooth Sailing pm 92/93.
  • Affirmations –  I feel grounded when I listen to my gut.  I trust myself to do what is right for me.

Instructor:  Sarah Firkus

Goal:  For students to feel grounded and in more control when life feels out of control.


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