Instructor: Vincent Hurtado

Community: High School Ages, School Setting

Plan Creation Date: November 1, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Lesson Plan:


  • Pinwheel Breath – With a pinwheel in your hand, purse lips as if whistling and blow out to spin the pinwheel. See how slowly you can spin the pinwheel but without gasping for your next breath. To slow down your inhalation imagine that you have another pinwheel in the back of your throat. Breathe in through the nose and make this imaginary pinwheel spin as slowly as possible too. Inhale and spin the inner pinwheel, exhale and spin the outer pinwheel.


  • Shoulder Clock – Pair students by height and have them stand side by side about 2 feet apart. Lift inside arms straight up and place palms together in a twelve o’clock position. Breathe into upper chest and spread fingers. Exhale and take arms back about a foot to one o’clock position. Keep chest and top of head lifting. Repeat breath cycle and clocking of the arms until they are down by your sides at six o’clock. Stress to students the importance of working together while doing this.
  • Star – Turn both feet and body to the side of the room, your arms are out and parallel to the ground. Stand tall with feet rooted to the ground. Hold this pose as the bright and shining star you are. Imagine yourself being one star among many other stars in the sky.
  • Warrior I – Bend your left knee and keep your back leg straight. With a straight back reach your hands towards the sky. You are a peaceful warrior, one that is in control of you. Bring your attention to your breath.
  • Warrior II – Turn your back foot slightly to the right and lower your arms so that they are parallel to the ground palms facing down. Make sure your knee is over your ankle.


  • Community Circle Worksheet
  • Mindful Moments Cards – 4 students volunteer to pick out cards and read aloud.

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