Instructor: Beth Nelson

Community: Grades/Ages??, Classroom Setting?

Plan Creation Date: February 27, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Lesson Plan:


  • Breath Work – After you tap the Zenergy Chime three times, invite the group to notice three in-breaths and three out-breaths, with each out breath becoming a little longer than the last out breath.
  • Opening Remarks – Then invite then to think of a time when that felt they had used their body to do something that used their muscles that they needed to work at….like being on the monkey bars, or running around the block, or jumping rope, or carrying a bag of groceries. Think of where you were and who was with you. Remember how good it felt to be done with the challenge….how good it feels when muscles have worked hard and then get time to relax and be calm.


  • Social/Emotional Activity – Ask if someone would like to share a time they remember (of the above)…coaching them to think of how their muscles must have felt, how good it was to put such effort into an activity, etc, how good it feels to exercise our muscles, to help others, etc. Others may share as well if they wish.
  • Yoga-based Activities – (Remind them of how yoga poses increase our strength and stamina). Down dog, Plank, Down dog, Forward Fold, Volcano, Upward Mountain, Crescent Moon, Chair Upward Mountain, Side Angle, Star, Down dog, Cobra, Child’s Pose


  • Relaxation – Read a book about a storm or do a guided imagery about being in the wind and rain or read a book which also speaks to having strength in adversity….using the strength of your problem-solving skills and your bodies to handle difficult storms at sea, etc, and then rowing in calmer waters. Resting.

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