Instructor: Julie Reyes

Community: Classroom Setting??, Ages??

Plan Creation Date: November 24, 2009

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – on back, practicing 30-60 seconds of stillness, spraying fairy dust
  • Read a Mindful Moment card from Stillness – “Picture a clear mountain lake on a sunny day.  You are sitting beside it with a friend.  There’s not a ripple on the lake.  What do you see?  What do you hear?”
  • Sitting up, one student leads the Hoberman Sphere while another student counts.
  • Compliments


  • First section of Mat 20 – leg stretch/foot circles, Rock & Roll, Boat 2x, Volcano breath
  • Volcano Breath – with Heart Thoughts 3x, share Heart Thoughts if students are willing
  • Sun Salutations – with student leader.  While being very still in Mountain, imagine you’re standing at the top of a mountain feeling the sun warming you and a nice breeze cooling you at the same time.
  • Compliments
  • Eagle on a Rock – both legs
  • Dancer Pose – holding still in the beautiful pose for 3 breaths, both legs


  • Pinwheel Breath activity with variations (refer to page 81 in Yoga Calm for Children by Lynea Gillen, MS and Jim Gillen, RYT).


  • Guide students to their backs for supine Spine Twist
  • Belly Breathing – spraying fairy dust
  • Read a relaxation story – Happy Landings (pg. 162-3 in Ready…Set…R.E.L.A.X by Jeffrey S. Allen, M.Ed. and Roger J. Klein, Psy.D.)

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