Instructor: Beth Nelson

Community: Grades/Ages??, Classroom Setting?

Plan Creation Date: February 27, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Grounding

Lesson Plan:


  • Breath Work – Conductor Breath, and then Hoberman Sphere
  • Opening Remarks – Being aware of importance of feeling secure and sturdy and planted, with roots that give us balance and then allow us to explore and feel excitement and newness and creativity and silliness with the skill to return to feeling calm and grounded. Have pictures of birch trees/ oak trees or perhaps a part of an actual branch or flower.


  • Yoga-based Activities – Mountain Pose, Crescent Moon, Roots, Forward Fold, Down Dog, Step to Mountain Pose, Plank, Down Dog, Mountain Pose to Chair Pose, Warrior I, Forward Fold, Warrior I with other leg forward, Forward Fold, Crow Pose, Child’s Pose
  • Social/Emotional Game – Personal Space Game….with verbal signaling, and then non-verbal signaling
  • Discussion – Everyone has their own sense of personal space that they are comfortable with; personal space changes depending on the closeness and type of the relationship and other factors present in the situation. Give examples.


  • Relaxation – When lying on backs on floor with feet together in the middle, do a progressive storytelling exercise that focuses on a character being out in a natural setting utilizing their senses to move from one relaxing spot to another (different views, wind on their skin, lilac bushes, for example). Mention how being in nature /outside is a grounding experience for most of us.

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