Instructor: Julie Reyes

Community: Classroom Setting??, Ages??

Plan Creation Date: November 24, 2009

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – lying down, spraying fairy dust.  Practice 30 seconds of silence.  Ask if students would like another 30 seconds of silence.
  • With eyes closed and left hand on heart, think about someone you love very much.  Picture that person in your mind.  Now think about one nice thing you can do for that person today.  (Point out that this person needs to be alive and is someone you see everyday.)
  • Sitting up, one student leads the Hoberman Sphere while another student counts.
  • Compliments


  • First section of Mat 20 – leg stretch/foot circles, Rock & Roll, Boat 2x, Volcano breath
  • Volcano Breath – with Heart Thoughts 3x
  • Share Heart Thoughts and/or the nice thing you plan to do.
  • Sun Salutations – with student leader; compliments
  • Roots – stabilizing through the four corners of the feet and the legs.  
  • Tree Pose – imagine growing roots out of the bottoms of your feet down into the Earth.  What kind of tree are you?
  • Tree Circle – pointing out that every tree is unique and special, just like all of us.  In a forest, trees grow in circles and they support one another when big winds blow through.  (Send a wind gust through the circle.)  No matter what size you are, you can give and get support and strength from your other tree friends.  
  • For fun, have several students become animals to challenge the circle of trees.  Explain the rule of no touching, blowing on faces, or yelling in the others’ ears.


  • Guide students to their backs for supine Spine Twist to strengthen their branches and stretch and relax their trunks.
  • Belly Breathing – spraying fairy dust
  • Read a relaxation story – The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein



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