Instructor: Jenifer Trivelli

Community: Grades PreK – 5, Community Setting, 45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: October 24, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Lesson Plan:


  • Hoberman Sphere Breathing – teacher leads with demonstrating deep breathing four times. Students are directed to listen to the sounds of their own breath, then listen for other sounds after the breaths are complete. Students each get to take a turn with the sphere, choosing a counter and number of breaths up to 5.
  • Sharing – each student may share something special to them. Classmates practice active listening by summarizing what the speaker shared. If the class is larger than 6, the teacher can offer a demonstration and then split the class into pairs.


  • Mat 15 – Choose a student to lead the class. Have students actively flow from one pose to the next, while the teacher directs by saying the name of the pose. Students are challenged to listen as the teacher gradually increases the speed of direction (while maintaining a flow all students can comfortably be successful with). Repeat 3x. Allow time for student compliments.
  • Tree Circle – have students practice tree pose at their mats, with equal attention to both sides. Ask students to join the teacher in a wide tree circle and imagine the circle of trees contains a meadow. Once in tree pose, invite one student at a time to the center of the circle to hold any pose they’d like and make the sound of an animal that is in the meadow. After the other students listen for 30 seconds, they can guess what the animal is.


  • Seated Twist – with each side, invite students to notice what sounds they can hear. Ask whether the sounds are different with each side.
  • Ocean Relaxation – Let each student choose a seashell. Students lie on their backs, with their shells on their bellies or their hearts or in their hand, while the teacher leads them on a guided experience of the sounds of the beach (waves, wind, seagulls, spurting whales, etc). Ask them to put the shell to their ear and give them an opportunity to share what they hear.
  • Chime – Remaining in relaxation pose, ring a chime and ask students to put their thumbs up when they hear the silence at the very end of the sound.

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