Instructor: Janina Haug

Community: Ages 5-10, Classroom setting?

Plan Creation Date: February 27, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness

Lesson Plan:

This would be an appropriate lesson for children K-6 grade with modifications as needed. It would be good for any time of year. It would be good to do right away in the morning after a busy morning just getting to school or right after a lot of excitement in the day.

Class Intention: to just slow down, to have them notice that being still and calm is just as satisfying and productive as continuously moving. Bringing awareness to their bodies and minds.

Setting the Tone: if able turn down or turn off lights, use bongo drum to slow down children and bring attention to hear rates


  • Breath Work – Pinwheel Breath, have 2-3 pinwheels and have children pass them around to practice breathing. After each child gets a turn, teacher will demonstrate 2 more breaths to refocus children
  • Opening Remarks – It is ok to be still and enjoy calm, silent moments


  • Yoga Based Activities – pulse count, child, table, downward dog (repeat 2 more times to warm up), forward bend, stand up slowly, find roots, volcano breaths (5), dancer pose (both sides), forward bend, down ward dog, table, cat, cow (3 times), child pose, slowly bring to back to do twists
  • Social/Emotional Activities – Trickster game (pg. 124)


  • Relaxation – Read Coyote by Gerald McDermott
  • After relaxation – mindful snack

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