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Instructor: Blanca Raniolo

Community: Grades K-5, School Setting, 40 minutes

Plan Creation Date: December 12, 2014

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness

Lesson Plan:

Mat-Based Class


  • Review Rules and Expectations – This class is completely Spanish immersed so that the students will learn new vocabulary about their body and mind. This class also provides the opportunity for the students to express their feelings, develop sensitivity, self- control and self- regulation. Before the start of the class, the teacher will review the ground rules as well as the positive self-talk posters. All the students will repeat “I am Strong, I am in control, I can do it and I can be responsible”. Following this, we discuss how these statements pertain to our lives as well as how they make us feel after saying them.


  • Chime – Every student has a yoga mat, they set up on the room. They know the routine they must close their legs, calm body, quiet and waiting for teacher instruction. I ring the Zenergy chime bell to start the Yoga Calm session. Note: the student listening the sound and raise their hand when the sound disappear. This activity is very powerful because they focus their attention and the follow the direction very well. I turn on a nice music (yoga) and starting relaxing our neck, head and shoulder. I reminder each student repeat in their own mind the vocabulary in Spanish about our body). Ask students the times in their life when the stillness is important.
  • Hoberman Sphere Belly Breathing – I have the students begin with some calm breathing after which, I turn on soothing music and dim the lights. The instructor demonstrates how to breathe in and out properly using the hover man sphere. The sphere is then passed along to all the students, so that everyone has the opportunity to breathe in and out, in unison with the sphere.


  • Volcano Breath – We start with volcano breath three times. I pick a calm student to lead the class. He/ she stay in my Yoga mat and I stay in her /his mat.
  • Rock and Roll to Boat – Be a very still boat on the Minnesota lake waiting for the cat fish. You do not want to move a muscle.
  • Roll up to standing.
  • Warrior Flow – we practice three times holding each pose for at least eight beats. Finish by standing in Mountain.
    • Star
    • Warrior II to left
    • Star
    • Chair
    • Warrior II to right
    • Star


Before starting the calm activity they should know the routine. I ask the student to lie down completely still, I turn off the light, turn on a relaxing music. I use some rocks and put them on their bellies.

  • Relaxation – Have them imagine that the rock is an Eagle and their body is a mountain that can move up and down breathing slowly. With a calm voice have them imagine a story about an eagle flying on the top of the mountain with a beautiful blue sky and fall water close to the mountain, they are strong like eagle and they can visit their family, friends… tell them they are safe and peace in their bodies.
  • Pulse Count – Ask the students sit and count their pulse for 15 seconds. How is our heart beat slow or fast? Why? We talk about the benefit and how they feel after the activity. Share feeling and comments.
  • At the end, I ask the students to line up quietly and ready to go to their classroom.

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