Instructor: Kay Koerber

Community: Grades K-5, School Setting

Plan Creation Date: January 1, 2016

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Lesson Plan:


  • Listen to the Bell – Ring a bell have students give a thumbs up when they no longer hear the bell.
  • Belly Breathing – Hoberman sphere Breathing (student lead).


  • Mountain to Mountain sequence using the drum. Hold each position for 5 beats
    MT, Up MT, forward fold, warrior, downward dog, plank, cobra, downward dog, warrior, forward fold, chair, up Mt, Mt.
  • Social Emotional Activity:
    • Compliment Circle – Give each student an opportunity to receive compliments for each person. Practice making eye contact – active listening.


  • Personalized Relaxation – Have students write something that makes a soft sound: maybe the wind or the purring of a cat. Lead them on a listening journey of all the different sounds.

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