Population/Setting/Length: Grades K-5, School Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: 1/14/17

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community


  • Belly Breathing with Hoberman sphere (discuss sitting like a king/queen, start once all children are making eye contact with teacher):
    • Teacher leads the children through belly breathing with Hoberman sphere for 3-5 breaths, counting to show the timing
    • Student leads with a helper counting, leader chooses # of breaths between 5-10
    • Encourage the children to put their hands on their bellies, feeling their bellies expand out as they inhale and then, pull back in as they slowly exhale (“Fill your belly with air as you breath in, like you are blowing up a balloon. As you breathe out, the belly pulls back in as the balloon lets air out.”)
    • Compliments for the two student leaders
  • Drumming Practice:
    • Drumming to a variety of beats, have the children match my drumming by tapping on their mats. Play with tempo, pattern and quiet vs. loud drumming. Can we show that we are strong and confident without being loud?
    • Allow students to lead the group in this practice using the drum (specify # of students who will be able to lead before starting so that they know ahead of time). (“How do all of our beats differ? We are each unique and special and bring our own voice to our community.”)


  • Rocking boat to still boat: hold for # of drum beats offered by the children.

(Repeat 2-3 times)

  • Rocking boat to standing position– Mountain
  • Arm Swings – “Imagine that you are flying while you floating the arms down. Reach out through your finger tips, like an eagle extending its wings and soaring through the clouds. You are strong. You are in control. You can do it.”
    • Incorporate drumming: play with soft and loud tones
  • MAT 20 (Mountain to Mountain) – (“Feel your strength as you stand in your mountain, like an eagle soaring reaching your arms out to your sides as you fold forward to touch the ground…. Send lazers out threw your fingertips in warrior pose. How can your strength support your friends in finding their strength to hold this pose?…. Lift your belly, head and heart.”). Repeat 2-4 times.
    • First time through, demonstrate poses while leading
    • 2nd time, have a student lead while incorporating drumming: hold 4 counts, flow 4 counts
    • Compliments for student demonstrating poses
  • Child’s Pose – (“We rely on those around us, our parents, friends, classmates to help us and support us. And, there are also times that we need to take care of yourself. In this poses, allow yourself to be quiet and still on your own. Hugging yourself in and finding peace.”)


  • Belly Breathing while lying on backs: Guided imagery with emphasis on community. Take the children on a journey, all in a canoe, rowing together to move forward, being mindful of staying with the rhythm of the group to keep the stroke flow in sync. At the end, they find a rainbow:  it seems to have appeared as a gift to remind them of the magic that can happen when they work together….
    • Once the relaxation is over, have them start to move their finger and toes, gently waking up their bodies. Keeping eyes closed, they move to a seated position.
  • Singing bowl to silence: Ring signing bowl. Instruct the children to open their eyes when they can no longer hear the singing bowl.  Thank them for practicing yoga with you. “Look around the room and make eye contact with your friends, thanking them for supporting you today in practicing yoga together.”

Instructor:  Kathleen Hicks

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