Instructor:  Stephanie Swift

Community: Grades K – 5, Classroom Setting

Plan Creation Date: May 1, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Lesson Plan:

Props/ Music/ Lights: Music, CD player, lights dimmed.

Intro: Review last lesson – What did we learn last time I came to visit?


  • Belly Breathing – with Hoberman Sphere: 10 Breaths – Ask students to “listen to your gut. When have you listened to your tummy telling you to do something? Or not do something?” Listen to self, Listen to our hearts beat.
  • Pulse Count – Have students draw a line with fingers from mouth to pulse. Close eyes. Count your pulse for 20 seconds. Ask a few students what it was like to feel and “listen” to their pulse – Ask a few students to share how many beats they counted. Now let’s listen to our hearts – Place hands over hearts eyes closed- 15 seconds – “Would anyone share what your heart was telling you? What did it say?”


  • Volcano Breathe 5-6
  • Mindful Moments Card read (Listening card)
  • Breathing – Classroom leader (student) will lead and choose # of breaths and choose a counter. After completion student leader/ counter will receive two complements, student may choose to call on classmates. “Envelop yourself in the thought of your heart; now send it out thru your hands to our classroom friends.
  • Shoulder Clock – “Breath into your upper chest and spread fingers exhale and take arms back about a rulers length repeat until hands are down.” Classroom leaders (students) will lead. After completion student leaders will receive two complements, student may choose to call on classmates. Ask students to be sure to “listen to their partners, listen to their breath and their motion.”
  • Partner Tree – “Tell your partner they can do it give them word of encouragement. When it is your turn to get words of encouragement open you hearts and listen.” Switch encouragement speakers. Ask students to share how that felt.


  • Relaxation – Lay flat on your backs – Read Page 136 “Boat Ride” Relaxation from Yoga Calm Book
  • Eyes closed, heads on desk, listen to the quiet music, lights down
  • Ask for sharing “Who was in the cottage?” “What did they tell you?”



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