Instructor:  Devin Malone

Community: Grades K-5, Classroom Setting?, 97% free and reduced lunch, 50 minutes

Plan Creation Date: January 19, 2014

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Grounding

Academic/Therapeutic/Other Goals: To find balance on all four parts of their feet and explore the limits of their balance

Props/Music Resources required: Music & ipod dock, Mat 20 poster, Classroom Set of Mats, Hoberman sphere

Lesson Plan:


  • Intro – Guiding questions: What does it mean to feel grounded? Who helps you feel grounded? Where do you feel grounded?
  • Roots – feel the floor through your feet. Explore the edge of your balance on all sides. You can work on feeling more grounded to the earth which helps your balance. Grounding yourself by practicing better balance can help you in dance and sports and even prevent you from slipping on ice.


  • Mat 20 – (student led) extra challenge in boat pose. 20 second count. Expand down through your feet in warrior and feel all parts of your feet pressing evenly on the floor to feel grounded. Compliments for leader
  • Tree Pose Ball – During Mat 20 we play Tree pose ball. Rooted to the floor in tree pose. Students need to stay on their mats in tree pose to get a soft ball passed to them. (head shots are against the rules so is intercepting someone else’s throw) 1-3 scholars who have been following the sequence get to move through the room with a ball and pass it back and forth to their classmates. Several rotations of students can extend the activity if they are enjoying it. Prompting to switch the legs.  You need to feel grounded to catch and throw a ball while in tree pose. It takes concentration and balance. Try not to let your raised foot touch the floor when catching and throwing.


  • Rock and Roll
  • Twist Pose
  • Relaxation – Visualization of a place that feels calm to them and helps them feel grounded. Mental vacation

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