Instructor:  Greg Sicheneder

Community: Grades K-2, EBD Center based Classroom Setting, 5-7 students, 30-40 minutes

Plan Creation Date: October 1, 2012

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness

Props/Music: CD with relaxing music and picture of ocean or wildlife scene on smart board.

Background Information: This is a general script that can be used every day, once the staff knows it. The consistency of starting out the same way for students can be important. I would use this right after they come in from breakfast. I am using breathing on the floor so the kindergartners will be able to get the breathing part. I have use grounding poses such as Roots and Mountain other grounding poses could also be used such as Downward Dog, Star, Table and Cat. If sitting at the desk for the final breathing does not work – I would have them again lie on their backs and do the final breathing and visualization or other exercise on their backs where we started. Then use boat, and mountain as a way to transition back to their desks.

Lesson Plan:

Review the rules and use of the mats: Important to review each time so more likely to have positive Yoga calm session. If several students are having a more difficult day may do an alternative session at students’ desks. On rare occasions I have had to reschedule or work with a couple of students in my office as the others were struggling too much to attempt a yoga Calm session at that time.


  • Belly Breathing – Students and staff directed to lie on their mats. Stuffed animals are given to each student to place on their stomach to help understand belly breathing. Relax as you listen to the beat of the drum.
  • Back Breathing – A student who is having a hard day could be pared with a staff or with me) – Notice the air coming into and out of your partner’s body. Let the rhythm of it help you relax and be calm.
  • Volcano Breath – Notice the air coming in through your nose and into your lungs filling your belly. Fell yourself quiet as you sent positive thought to family and friends.


  • Mountain – Be a beautiful strong mountain. Close your eyes and imagine that it is snowing on you. Remember how peaceful and quiet is is when it is snowing.
  • Roots – Imagine being in a place where you feel calm and peaceful.
  • Tree (alternate dancer) – Extend your arms and feel a gentle breeze blow through your fingers.
  • Warrior I or II – As you activate your muscles – feel your body be strong and quiet.
  • Cat/Cow – Notice how good it feels to stretch you back up as your breathing relaxes you
  • Down Dog – Feel your body be quiet and strong.
  • Child’s Pose – Allow yourself to relax and melt into the mat.
  • Lying Twist – Feel your body stretch as you prepare it for our final relaxation


  • Relaxation – A made up story will be said using things the students would like to have included or will use scripts form Ready Set Relax – focusing on ones about Breathing, Imagination and Nature.
  • Final Discussion
  • Clean and put mats away

Social Emotional Activities Notes: At the beginning of the day I will be focusing on calmness having students be grounded and in their bodies as a way to help them be present at school and leave the difficulties from yesterday, home, the bus or breakfast behind. I would expect that at least one of the students will have trouble participating for various reasons. As there will be a teacher and two educational assistants the expectation will be that they will help encourage students to be involved with the activity and work with them on the days they are too dysregulated to be a part of the group that day. I may then need to check in with that student about their situation either briefly in the classroom or in my office.

Future Sessions: I may include the following in later sessions – Calm Voice worksheet, Community Circle, Mindful Snack, Pinwheel Breath, Trust Walk, Trickster

Other Notes: If the class has several dysregulated or upset students I may switch to the lesson plan for the older peers using Woodchopper, and mountain poses, or Downward Dog, Table and Cat, or even Downward Dog at their desks.

Addendum: It is important to bring similar puppets and I choose who gets which one. Once done with belly breathing I take them back. I may give them back to students as we process while sitting on the mats – so the puppets can talk for them. Later in the year other things had priority after breakfast – so I was coming in in the afternoon. It is important to come in a few minutes early to see how students’ are doing. If a number hare having a difficult time may change up what I have planned.


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