Instructor: Amy Broich

Community: Grades K-1, School Setting, 30-45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: November 1, 2016

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – holding a beanie baby on your belly. “Use the strength in your belly and body and mind to keep the beanie baby from falling off. Lets try 3 deep breaths.” Pick a leader and let them choose how many deep belly breaths to lead. (5-10).  Have other students give compliments.
  • Strength Inquiry – Ask children to think of a time when they felt really strong. Ask if anyone wants to share about that time. Is there anyone in your life that helps you feel strong? Take a minute to think about that person with your eyes closed. Lets use some of those feelings and focus on being really strong today.


  • Yoga Calm Mat 20 – [mid-section] “Begin sitting on your mat, now hug your legs to your body—they work hard for your body, they deserve a hug.” “Now Rock and Roll, 3 times.” “When we stop we are going to use our strength to land in a Boat pose. Let’s try that again.” “Come down into a seated position and lets take some strong breaths in through our noses and breathe out pushing our strong arms out like an erupting Volcano. Let’s do that 2 more times.” “Stand up tall like strong Mountain, raise your hands up to the top of your Mountain.” “Dive down into the river below, this is Forward Fold.” Bent knee lunge (right leg forward)—“Now pretend you are picking up a large boulder, feel the strength in your muscles to hold it up. Think ‘I am strong’.” “Place your rock down in front of you and take your leg back behind you to form an upside-down V, Downward Dog. Let’s take 2 deep breaths here.” “Now step your left leg forward and pick up that boulder above your head…use your strength to get you there! Think in your mind, ‘I can do it’.”(Bent knee lunge, left leg) “Hands down and boulder down, bring your feet together by your hands and rest in forward bend for a moment.” “Lets lift up that boulder above your head again, then sit back in the Chair behind you, take 3 breaths while you hold and focus on the strength you have within you. Think to yourself, ‘I am in control.” “Lift it up once again as you stand, crush that boulder with your hands—go ahead, you are strong! As the boulder crumbles, bring your hands together and down to your heart. Lets take 3 breaths here.”
  • Tree – “Focus that inner strength that you have been showing me as we balance in Tree (one leg and then the other).”


  • Twist – Lay down on mats. Twist, left then right.
  • Relaxation – Tense and Release- “slowly tense and release all of your muscles from your head down to your toes [guided]. Feel what happens to your body and your mind as you do”. “Find your beanie baby, place it over your eyes for our final relaxation.” “I hope you were able to recognize the strength that you have in your own body and mind. Keep practicing that strength in you, remind yourself silently now—I am strong, I can do it, I am in control.”

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