Instructor: Amy Broich

Community: Grades K-1, School Setting, 25-30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: November 1, 2016

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Lesson Plan:


  • “Sounds around You” – Notice 3 sounds around you right now. Count them on your fingers. Would anyone like to share what they heard?”  “Your body automatically breathes, you don’t usually have to think about it.  Today we are going to think about it and listen to it.”
  • Breathing – using pinwheels—you can see and hear your breath. Pick a leader and a counter to lead breaths (5-10). Today our focus will be on Listening. Now we are going to imagine spinning our inner pinwheel as we breathe in and out (5 breaths). Do you see it, feel it, hear it?


  • Roots – Begin with Roots activity. Rocking back and fourth, while standing with feet shoulder width apart. Make movements smaller until you settle in the middle. Large circular motions one directions, getting smaller and smaller, then the other direction. Talk about what it means to be “centered”.
  • Mountain – Practice mountain while rooting down.
  • Tree – and then partner Tree. Ask students, “Take a moment while you are centered and focused to close your eyes and listen. Listen to your body, listen to what is around you, what do you hear? Now we are going to play a game where you have to listen and pretend…”
  • Archetype Game – Children spread out around the room in a squatting position or a mountain pose statue. Then on a count of 3 they grow into a 1. Monster, 2. Prince or princess, 3. Clown, 4. Warrior or Hero, 5. Bear, 6. Explorer – between each pose say “freeze”, then students return to statue position and listen for next character.
  • Mat 20 – (intro-this will be the first time they do this)- talk about each pose and listening to their body (if something doesn’t feel right, then change how you are standing or moving/adjust-teacher helps with this).


  • Belly Breathing – Have students return to a spot on the floor, sitting or laying down. Take 3 belly breaths, feeling and listening to the breath. Close eyes. Return to normal breathing.
  • Relaxation – Read “5 Breath Vacation” from Stress Relief for Kids by Martha Belknap. Lay back on the floor.
  • Twist – [on both sides], then return to a seated position.

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