Instructor: Anna Hayek

Community: Grades K­- 5 Afterschool Class, School Setting, 45-60 minutes

Plan Creation Date: April 25, 2016

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Lesson Plan:


  • Chime – Ring chime and do Belly Breathing with the Breathing Ball
  • Belly Breathing – Introduce how we do the Breathing Ball and explain that one student does the ball and another student counts. Then we give compliments to both of our student leaders.
  • Community Theme and Introductions ­ – Think about how everyone in our class is part of our Yoga Community. Discuss what Community means and how we treat members of our community. Go around the circle saying our name, grade, and why we came to yoga today. Talk about why our community needs rules we will follow.
  • Ground Rules – Write a list of class rules together. We will come up with the rules together, but they will include something along the lines of: 1. Treat yourself with respect. (like a king or a queen) 2. Respect others’ space and feelings. 3. Stay safe. 4. Use positive self talk: I am strong. I am in control. I can do it. ­Also­ I am not ready for that yet.


  • Yoga Calm Mat 20:
    • Belly Breathing ­ – Lay on your back with one hand on your belly and one hand on your chest/heart. Breathe deeply for 6­8 breaths. Send out thoughts from your heart to people in your community as you exhale.
    • Pulse Count – find your pulse by placing two fingers at the corner of your mouth. Trace fingers down into the groove along your neck until you feel your pulse. Listen to the rhythm of your heart. Notice if your pulse is fast or slow. Notice how you are feeling.
    • Leg Stretch­ – Press your left leg flat on the mat and flex your foot, pointing your toes toward the ceiling. Lift the other leg and support it with your hands. Breathe into the back of your legs and feel the earth beneath you. Think about how the earth supports you. How is this like how your community supports you? Switch legs.
    • Rock and Roll ­ – Hug your knees into your chest and feel your spine on the mat. Start to rock from back to front massaging your back. Rock and roll up to balance on your sits bones.
    • Boat ­ – find your balance on your sits bones. You can keep your hands on the backs of your thighs or bring them out. Breathe and lengthen your spine.
    • Volcano Breath ­ – Sit criss-cross and bring your hands to your heart. Send out heart­felt thoughts to someone in your community. Inhale, bring your hands up and overhead. Pause. Exhale, bring your hands down. Repeat 3­-5 times. Now think about your Intention ­ why did you come to yoga today ­ what do you want from the class. While still seated, explain 4 corners of the feet to students, tracing the four corners of the feet and hands.
    • Mountain ­ – Stand up and feel the 4 corners of the feet on the mat. Stay strong in your legs and lift your heart.
    • Upward Mountain­ – activate your muscles and bring both hands up towards the ceiling.
    • Forward Bend ­ – Bring your hands down toward the floor. Draw your intention inward as you fold your body, looking at your legs.
    • Lunge ­ – Step your right leg back, place your knee on the floor and lift your arms to the sky.
    • Downward Dog ­ – Step your left leg back. Take your feet hip width apart and hands shoulder width apart. Lift your hips toward the sky. Feel active in your muscles.
    • Plank ­ – come forward to the top of a push up. Line your shoulders up over your wrists.
    • Cobra ­ – Lower onto your belly. Place your hands by your chest and press your hips to the floor. Slide your chest forward.
    • Downward Dog ­ – Tuck your toes and send your hips up to Downward Dog.
    • Lunge – ­ Step your right foot forward this time and bring your left knee to the ground. Feel your power.
    • Forward Bend ­ – step your feet up to the top of your mat. Chair ­ Sit back as if you were going to sit in a chair. Keep your chest lifted and reach your hands up, arms alongside your ears. Show me your strength.
    • Upward Mountain – ­ Press your feet into the earth and rise up to Upward Mountain.
    • Mountain
  • Tree/Partner Tree/Trees in a Circle – How does it feel to do Tree alone, with a partner, and finally in a community? Which Tree felt the most supportive to you? Turn to a partner and share.
  • Game ­ Mat Tag – ­ How can we keep our Community safe as we play this game? If more time, do active section of Mat 20 again.


  • Back Massage – Lay down onto your back and hug your knees into your chest ­ rocking and massaging your back.
  • Twist ­ – Bring your arms out to a T with your palms facing up. Bend your knees and put feet flat on the floor. Now bring your knees over to the left. Look out across your right hand. Slowly and gently switch sides bringing your knees to the right and look out across your left hand.
  • Relaxation ­ – Imagine you are in a park. Imagine some of your favorite people in your community are there. The sun is shining. You can hear birds chirping. Imagine what you are doing with your favorite people. How do they help and support you? How do you help and support them. Take the next few minutes to breathe calmly and imagine your time in the park. Slowly start to wiggle your fingers and toes. Come up to sitting and blink your eyes open.
  • Belly Breathing – Close with student­ led Belly breathing with the breathing ball and compliments.

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