Population/Setting/Length: Grades 9-12, School Setting, Special Education, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: 10/1/17

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness


  • Pulse Count – Find average of count. Feel breath with hands on belly, ribs, and collar bones/upper lungs. Breath into each area.
  • Belly Breathing – with drum beat. Three beat in, four beat out. 5 rounds.
  • Pulse Count – Find average of count. Compare pulse before breathing and after controlled breathing.


  • Chair Cat/Cow
  • Volcano Breath – starting with hands at heart, pushing up and around back to hands at heart.
  • Seated Mountain – Arms and hands relaxed extending down at sides. Sitting tall, extending down through tail bone and up through crown of head/spine. Chin parallel to floor. With soft eye gaze straight ahead or eyes closed.
  • Roots – Finding center of seat by moving upper body in clockwise and counter clockwise circles, getting smaller and smaller until body stops. Feeling circle in the inner body.
  • Shoulder Rolls – Sitting up tall in seated mountain. Lifting shoulders up towards ears, back towards back and around. Switching to other side. Sitting up tall in seated mountain. Tilting right ears towards right shoulder, tipping chin towards chest and switching to other side.
  • 4 Rounds – all with drum beat- two beat transition, four beats in pose.


  • Seated Mountain – Finding Mountain pose in chair seated again.
  • Volcano Breath – Three beat in, four beat out with drum. 5 rounds
  • Pulse Count – Find pulse. Ask students to be very still for 30 seconds. Ask if anyone wants to share how they are feeling or how their pulse compared from the beginning to end.

Instructor:  Shawna O’Neal

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