Population/Setting/Length: Grades 9-12, School Setting, Special Education, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: 11/1/16

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community


  • Belly Breathing – with drum beat. Three beat in, four beat out. 5 rounds.
  • Mindful Moment – Ask the students to think of people who they think of as being in their community. Family, friends, neighbors, teachers, ect…


  • Mountain Pose – Have the students stand up behind their chairs facing the center of the circle. Finding their mountain pose with strong foundation, upright posture extending out the top of their heads.
  • Roots – From their strong mountain pose, eye gaze down towards floor or eyes closed, holding onto the back of the chair if needed/wanted, with a strong foundation start to move upper body in clockwise circles and switching to counter clockwise bringing the circles in smaller and smaller until they are still in mountain pose again and can feel the circles continuing in their inner bodies.
  • Tree Prep – still standing behind their chairs and holding on if needed/wanted, lifting one foot off the floor to ankle, calf, or above knee, holding and switching.
  • Tree with Community – each person hold at least one hand out to the side to the person next to you,  if the person next to you needs to hold onto the chair place your flat hand gently on the outside of their shoulder, then picking strongest tree roots leg and extending other foot off the floor. Hold tree as a community for five counts.


  • Relaxation – Sitting back in chair-thinking about how strong you felt with your class community holding each other up in tree.
  • 10 Minute Writing – about who they reflected on being part of their community in the beginning and if they would invite any of those people into the tree circle to help hold them up.

Instructor:  Shawna O’Neal

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