Instructor: Patsy Keech

Community: Grades 9 – 11, School Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: March 23, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Words: “I will stay calm and relaxed when taking tests”

Lesson Plan:


  • Before students walk into the room I will greet them with a blank piece of paper. I will ask them to write down something they don’t want to take into the test with them. (Fear, argument with parent, sleepiness) Students will write these down and throw them into the garbage before entering the room.
  • Have a student ring the bell of stillness – Close eyes and sit in stillness of the moment – be where their feet are.
  • Belly Breathing – Ask a student leader to lead the breathing with the Hoberman Sphere. Appoint another student to be the counter. Focus on breathing in confidence breathing out doubt.


  • Mountain – “Stand in your power, you are solid in your knowledge, Your mind has done the work – the test is your chance to show your stuff”.
  • Volcano Breath – Place your palms together at the heart, Breathe in of all the information you have worked to put into your head. As you exhale – allow all that information to be easily accessed.
  • Guided Imagery Read Test Preparation on page 124 of Relax.calm – Say to yourself 3 times – I stay relaxed and calm while taking tests.


  • Discuss – Why is it important to stay relaxed during tests? What steps could you take if you feel yourself getting worried or tense?

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