Instructor: Margaret Askelsen

Community: Grades 6-8, School Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: July 4, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – with Hoberman Sphere: 10 breaths, Lights turned low – Soft, soothing music, Hold completely still for 10 seconds
  • Pulse Count


  • Cat/Cow – Get on hands and knees…Do cat/cow….do 10 times
  • Plank
  • Downward Dog – Stretch back into downward dog/ Walk feet forward
  • Forward Fold
  • Mountain Pose – stand in/ Roots growing into ground…connected to roots of others who are strong in stillness
  • Forward Fold
  • Plank – Step back into plank
  • Downward Dog – Back to downward dog/ walk feet forward
  • Mountain Pose/Roots – growing and connecting to the calmest and quietest trees outside
  • Forward Fold
  • Plank – Back to plank
  • Downward Dog – walk feet forward
  • Mountain Pose – Close eyes and imagine the strength of a mountain
  • Cat/Cow – Down to floor for cat / cow….repeat 10 times
  • Child’s Pose
  • Twist – Lie on back


  • Corpse Pose
  • Progressive Relaxation – Holding completely still for 10 seconds – Progressive relaxation/ repeated, Repeat….Holding completely still for 30 seconds, Soft voice…..Taking a mental vacation- imagine yourself sitting by quiet stream, wind softly blowing in your hair, sitting on a rock, watching water float gently over the rocks/ Imagine the most beautiful color of blue…feel it embrace you with its warmth/ Feel it holding you quiet and still.

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