Instructor: Patsy Keech

Community: Grades 6 – 8, Retreat Opener, 40 minutes

Plan Creation Date: March 13, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness

Words: “I can calm myself”

Lesson Plan:


  • Have a student ring the bell of stillness – Close eyes and sit perfectly still until they don’t hear the bell any longer.
  • Belly Breathing – Ask a student leader to lead the breathing with the Hoberman Sphere. Appoint another student to be the counter. Focus on the stillness of the breath.


  • Pinwheel Breathing – See how slowly you can spin the pinwheel without gasping for your next breathImagine that there is another pinwheel in the back of your throat. Breathe in through the nose and make this imaginary pinwheel spin as slowly as possible.
  • Tree Pose – Stand tall on solid ground and when you feel your ready . . . grow your branches. Breath in the sun and it warms your branches. Stand in your stillness.


  • Changing Channels – Invite students to close their eyes. Notice what they begin to think about – what is on their minds. Ask them to change the channel: Imagine what you are all bundled up in a coat, hat & mittens and you are having a snowball fight with a friend.” (30 seconds) Now imagine that it is a warm summer day and you’re laying on a towel on sand with the sun shining on your face. Feel the change in your body’s reaction between energy and stillness.
  • DiscussHow this activity might be useful in your day. Share ideas.


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