Instructor: Marnie Marmet

Community: Grades 5 – 9, 45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: November 1, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Lesson Plan:


  • Hoberman Sphere and Pulse Count – Belly breathing with the Hoberman Sphere. Pulse count, 1 minute. Have a leader come up to use the sphere and count the breaths. (5-7 min)
  • Mindful Moment Card – “Remember a time when you wanted to learn something. It was hard to learn and perhaps you got frustrated and upset. Think about how you got better at this activity the more you practiced. What helped you have the strength to keep trying?” Share thoughts with the group. Let students compliment one another.


  • Mat Tag – Use the yoga mats as a place to stay if you are not “it.” The student that is it may use a couple of commands for the group. If students don’t follow the instructions of their peers, they need a 5 second time out.
  • Yoga Calm Chair 15 – Remind them to feel strong in each posture.
  • Woodchopper – Have students make the “huh” sound the second time through. Ask if thy feel differently doing it with the sound. Have different students take turns leading the pose.
  • Strong Voice – Students lie on backs with eyes closed. Read each sentence on the strong voice worksheet slowly. After all are read, have students fill out sheet without talking. (15 min)


  • Child Pose
  • Back Breathing
  • Relaxation – story with a visit to a strong person.

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