Instructor: Laura David

Community: Grades 5-8 (Ages 10-14), School Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: May 1, 2016

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Grounding

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – Get heavy in your sit bones, head held high as if wearing a crown. Let your whole body sink into the ground like a heavy stone sinking into mud. Ask group how many breaths they would like to take. Invite 2 members to lead, one to lead breathe with Hoberman Sphere, one to count. Follow with compliments to the leaders by group members. (5 minutes)
  • Chime – Set intention for group (to ground and get mind and body ready for the practice) – Use chimes. Once chimes no longer are heard, put thumb up. (1 minute)
  • Pulse Count – Return to sitting position if you would like. Every beat of your heart brings you closer to the earth, holding you there steady and strong. (3 minutes)


  • Intro – We are going on a journey today to a beautiful rock formation called Bowl and Pitcher at Riverside State Park. (15 min):
  • Boat – We get in our boat to begin our journey.
  • Rock and Roll – There are waves in our boat, but our boat is solid, keeping us safe.
  • Alternate Arm Leg Kicks – We reach the other side and begin to walk.
  • Bridge – We need to cross a stream and see a bridge. This bridge is sturdy and anchored into the ground with solid concrete.
  • Plank – We walk over this heavy, solid bridge to get to the other side.
  • Upward Mountain – We start up the mountain to get a good view of the rock formations.
  • Roots – Ground yourself as if someone is holding your ankles to the ground.
  • Tree – Look around at the view. The trees are beautiful, and while gently swaying in the wind, is strongly rooted and grounded into the earth.
  • Eagle – We even see an eagle, nestled into one of the trees. It then magnificently takes off, soaring through the air.
  • Block Creek – We return by another path. Ground yourself and use positive self-talk “I am strong” or “I can do it.”


  • Relaxation – Mindful Moment Card Grounding: Imagine yourself sitting on a large warm rock on the top of a mountain. It is a beautiful clear day and you can see for miles. Where are you and what can you see? (1 minute)

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